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6000 sek per day for 1-6 participants.

For Who?

From 16 years.

For most normally trained people, we adapt the tour to the participants' ability. Normally we are out between 5-10 hours.

When and Where?

Abisko, Björkliden, Riksgränsen and Narvik, but we also have a good grasp of Lofoten and Lyngen. 


Transport (we pick you up in Abisko, Björkliden, Riksgränsen or Narvik).


Transciever, shovel and probe.

Not Included

See our packing list here.

Do you love adventure? We do that too!
Let us guide you to our favourite places and rides in the area around Abisko, Björkliden, Riksgränsen and Narvik. Here we have over 100 peaks and several hundred rides of varying difficulty to choose from. From long cruising runs to steep 1000-meter couloirs that end by the sea!

A typical day ski touring with us.
We pick you up where you stay at around 08:00 and after about an hour by car we arrive at the starting point for today’s tour. Where we go depends partly on your wishes, but in the end it is conditions such as weather, avalanche danger and snow quality that decide. Our goal is to maximize the experience but in a safe way!

We get out of the car and stretch our morning stiff legs. The feet go down in the boots and the skins are put on the skis. Slowly we begin to move upwards towards the top of the day. Slowly, slowly we move upwards. Sometimes there are lively discussions about everything possible, but eventually that usually turns into silence and everyone goes and thinks about their own. Before you know it, we are at the first break of the day where we fill up with some water and energy and then continue upwards. This is how it continues; walk, think, eat, drink, think, fight, walk, etc. yet until you arrive at what you have aimed for the whole day. The peak! If the weather is nice, we will definitely get an absolutely fantastic view!

Before we start the descent, we change to dry clothes, tear off the skins and put the boots in riding mode. We click into the bindings, straighten the goggles and start riding downhill in big beautiful turns that you never want to end. Once back in the car, the legs hurt so wonderfully and you are happy in the whole body and want to do it again and again. But the stomach is echoing so it’s probably best to go home and fill up with energy and sleep to cope with tomorrow’s adventures as well!

This is what it can look like when we are out ski touring. Sometimes there are also whiteout, icy snow and rain. It’s still better than a day in the office and the beer in the sauna never tastes as good as when you have suffered a little?

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