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Our goal is to give you a genuine experience. We have explored most parts of northern Scandinavia and would like to show you our favourites in this vast area. For example we guide hiking along Kungsleden and ski touring around Narvik and Riksgränsen.

All our adventures are based on activites we do ourself when we are not working. That ensures that you will have 100% as fun as we have!

Robin Andersson
Co-founder and guide

Robin was born and raised in Kiruna. He has also lived here almost his entire life, apart from a few ski seasons in the Alps and Canada.


He has spent a couple of thousand days in ski boots and loves being outdoors as much as he loves coming home to a hot sauna.

John Nilsson
Co-founder, guide and avalanche and climbing instructor

Since 2012, John has moved around in the Kiruna mountains with Abisko as a base. He likes black coffee with cheese sandwiches, walking up long slopes and the sunsetrise (sunset + sunrise = sunsetrise) light during December and January when the sun does not reach over the horizon.


In addition to being a SVELAV Avalanche instructor, John is also a climbing instructor, works for the mountain rescue, makes avalanche forecasts for the Kebnekaise area and has previously worked in a ski patrol.

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Malva Björkman
Guide and ski instructor

Born in Västerås but realized that the lack of mountains will make her forever sad.


Now living in Narvik year round after passing through Åre, Kiruna and Chamonix.

Always happy and excited for adventure, whether it's skiing, mountain biking or running!

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